Meet the boys!


Mike Piergrossi, Head Chef

Food has been my life all my life! I got into food professionally in 1997 because I was a starving snowboard bum and I needed to make money and feed myself, so I found a restaurant and got a job. I'm Italian, and my grandmother owned a deli. All my family activities revolved around food, so it was very natural. I've since gotten to work with some really ambitious people in the food industry, which has been a privilege. I'm excited to be part of another startup on the seacoast. It's an exciting time.

Ben Cole, Lead Line Cook

I've been cooking for eight years. Prior to being a part of Native, I made sushi for five years, which was funny, because I'm a vegetarian and I was for that whole time. I'm definitely excited to be part of Native now because I get to do more of my own thing, have a say, and because we're trying hard to do mostly local foods and use organic ingredients. We make almost everything from scratch, also, which is great. I can be proud of what we create together. Fun fact: I play drums in three different punk/metal bands. Yeah. For real.