Food should nourish more
than the body.

Fruit Platter 2.jpg

At Native we believe food is fuel for the body, so it should be rich in nutrients and organic whenever possible.

But we also believe food is more than fuel. It's an experience. It should make your eyes widen. It should bring you into the moment. It should make you want to come back again and again—an excuse to gather your loved ones around the table. It should be the center of your day.

Our Food Philosophy

We honestly believe that food can serve as more than just fuel for the body. We all have to eat, and if food can be scrumptious as well as healthy and fresh, well. That's the dream. Thanks to our phenomenal team (how did we get this lucky?), the dream is a reality now. Our family-friendly menu is accessible to many dietary types. No one will be counting calories. And everyone will leave full and happy.

Dedication to Detail

We only hire folks who love food to work in our kitchen. Every meal is prepared with focused attention, from selecting the right ingredients to cooking or assembling it to be just-so, and even plating the final product. Food is something we all have to slow down to partake in. Our team wants you to be glad you did.


As Local As Local Can Be

We've worked hard to assemble ingredients that can be sourced from New England—not just New England distributors, but actual New England growers.

Kid-Friendly Options

Wouldn't it be great if your kids begged you to take them to the very breakfast and lunch spot that makes you happy, too? We've got our grown-ups covered with delectable sandwiches and salads, and we've got the kids covered, too!