Family starts in the kitchen.

There's a saying in Italy, "La cucina piccola fa la casa grande." Roughly translated it means, "Even a little kitchen makes a home big." Our kitchen at Native feels like family, and that's what we want you to experience, too.

Our Food Philosophy

We honestly believe that food can serve as more than just fuel for the body. We all have to eat, and if food can be scrumptious as well as healthy and fresh, well. That's the dream. Thanks to our phenomenal team (how did we get this lucky?), the dream is a reality now. Our family-friendly menu is accessible to many dietary types. No one will be counting calories. And everyone will leave full and happy.

An Incredible Team

We had to do a little arm-twisting to bring on our head chef, Mike Piergrossi, whose background includes restaurants you have heard of, featured in national magazines.  Ben Cole brings conscientiousness to the menu with his understanding of vegetarian fare. We could not ask for a more A-list lineup of food professionals.


As Local As Local Can Be

We've worked hard to assemble ingredients that can be sourced from New England—not just New England distributors, but actual New England growers.

Kid-Friendly Options

Wouldn't it be great if your kids begged you to take them to the very breakfast and lunch spot that makes you happy, too? We've got our grown-ups covered with delectable sandwiches and salads, and we've got the kids covered, too!

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Meet the boys!


Mike Piergrossi, Head Chef

Food has been my life all my life! I got into food professionally in 1997 because I was a starving snowboard bum and I needed to make money and feed myself, so I found a restaurant and got a job. I'm Italian, and my grandmother owned a deli. All my family activities revolved around food, so it was very natural. I've since gotten to work with some really ambitious people in the food industry, which has been a privilege. I'm excited to be part of another startup on the seacoast. It's an exciting time.

Ben Cole, Lead Line Cook

I've been cooking for eight years. Prior to being a part of Native, I made sushi for five years, which was funny, because I'm a vegetarian and I was for that whole time. I'm definitely excited to be part of Native now because I get to do more of my own thing, have a say, and because we're trying hard to do mostly local foods and use organic ingredients. We make almost everything from scratch, also, which is great. I can be proud of what we create together. Fun fact: I play drums in three different punk/metal bands. Yeah. For real.