What if you could have the third-wave
experience you wanted?


These days, coffee can be more controversial than politics. We don't want it to be that way. Coffee should be, as it has been throughout most its short history, the thing we all have in common. It should be the thing that motivates us to rise when the alarm goes off, and the beverage we use to cap off a jovial night with friends. It should also taste good.

That's why we decided to use Rhode Island roastery New Harvest Coffee, and to go third-wave. We have your standard, full-bodied blends and single origins for traditional drip coffee, and we have more eclectic options, like nitro-brew (it's a real thing!), as well as smooth, cold brew and heavenly cortados. Don't be afraid to ask your barista at Native to explain something you've never heard of before. Coffee is their passion, and they want to make your experience remarkable!



Only a handful of coffee bars in the Northeast are offering this cold, frothy version of coffee. Served from a tap, just like beer at your favorite pub, cold brew is infused with nitrogen gas to give it the familiar sensation you get when you drink a draft, but also allow you a jolt of caffeine. It's a refreshing way to start a summer day!

Meet Blanca Razzo, our espresso machine!

We are so excited to debut the first Rocket espresso machine on the seacoast. We named her Blanca Razzo, or "White Rocket." We loved the message behind Rocket Espresso, "Fatto a Mano," or "Made by hand." Blanca Razzo allows our top-of-the-line baristas to handcraft every beverage order immaculately. We love her.

Other healthful options...

We're friends with bikers and surfers and folks from every walk of life
with every kind of lifestyle. So we made sure we would have something for everyone.
In lieu of the typical sugary drinks, we supplemented our coffee menu
with mindful options to keep you going. Come hydrate with us!

Non Coffee Collage.jpg

From bottled beverages to teas, we sourced small and we sourced smart. We're delighted to offer Green Bee honey sodas—sweetened with honey and not sugar!—as well as nearly a dozen MEM Tea loose leaf teas, which are served in a kettle or mug. We also brew a variety of scrumptious iced teas, from traditional black and green to sweeter options including ginger lemonade and blood orange fruit tea.

Recharge, athletes!

Hydration has never been more efficient for bikers and surfers. Pure Maple Water contains real maple tree sap, which is comprised of only natural sugars which make for long-lasting energy. Maple tree sap is also antioxidant-rich and an excellent source of essentials like zinc, calcium, and potassium, which need replenishing after a long ride. It's also lower glycemic than syrup. Drink up! We carry two varieties.


What's all the rage about kombucha? Mostly that it's a natural source of probiotics other than yogurt... and that it's delicious. It's slightly bubbly, definitely refreshing, and it's served cold, but not over ice.

We offer it in rotating flavor selections. Ask for a sample if you're still unsure!