Jack of all Trades, Master of None!

At Native, we strive to provide an excellent experience in all areas including hospitality, food, and prepared beverages.  I keep this phrase in mind to avoid complacency, if we are mediocre in any of these areas we have failed ourselves and our customers.  Although it often feels we are taking one step backwards and 2 steps forward, we are evolving and overall trend is positive, we are getting better.  We are very appreciative to our loyal customers who have joined us on this journey!

After roughly 6 months+ in Rye Circle, we have a good sense for our identity and more importantly, our potential.  Recently, we came up with the tagline #notjustacafe, which seems very fitting.  I find it difficult to describe Native, are we a coffee shop, bakery, café, or restaurant?  So, I prefer to focus on our customers, it is community gathering place for locals, transients, and tourists alike. Our buzz words are accessible and approachable.  Native was designed to create a comfortable environment for all of our customers (especially the kiddos) and staff, a happy place.

As we ramp up heading into spring and summer, we are excited to launch our new menu.  The focus is to find a balance between truly unique and creative dishes and our “elevated” traditional options. Our new menu focuses on sandwiches, toasts, and bowls.  There is a better balance of vegan, vegetarian, and meat options. We’ll also be actively sharing more information about our local partners, they are the key to our success.  Our bakery operation will expand including a variety of fresh bread and new baked goods such as croissants and the infamous kimchi bagel. 

At Native, we encourage are employees to follow their passion.  In this industry, it means we need to say goodbye to employees and welcome new additions.  I strongly believe this makes us better as we need new ideas, experiences, and perspectives to keep improving.  In the coming weeks we will have new faces in the front of house and kitchen, but the same great food, drinks, and service.

To support this transition, we will be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays for the remainder of February and March.  This 5-day winter schedule will ensure our new employees grow into a high performing team especially as we ramp up our staff for our busy season.  This experiment is also a test of this reduced schedule for next winter as we believe it may be in the best interest of the business and our employees.  We apologize in advance to our loyal guests who visit us on a daily basis, but we hope you understand.

Thanks for your continued support, smiles, and kind words.  We are grateful for our community and excited for the future.