28 Days Later

We have been open for 28 days and finally had our 1 st all team meeting. The meeting was a good chance to reflect on our journey and plan for the future. An opportunity to take a deep breath, and once again start with a clean slate. Most importantly, to discuss how can we adapt and evolve but stay true to our ethos.

Who are we?

Native was built on the concept of 3rd wave coffee combined with a chef-inspired menu, blending the creative side of both food and coffee with the goal of finding synergy between these two different worlds.

Native is for the community. We designed a space and menu to bring the seacoast community together, a place that would make every guest feel like a local. A comfortable spot for families, where kids have a space of their own and parents can relax and enjoy high quality food and drink.

Native is local. We source almost exclusively from local vendors. This not only gives us access to the best products available, but allows us to build strong partnerships.

Native is powered by our employees. We have a talented staff who love what they do and are always excited to collaborate. We don't underestimate the value of this. We believe in paying a living wage and providing work-life balance. Easier said than done, in this industry, especially when trying to provide value to your guest. But we value our employees and return to this value constantly.

Native is focused on exceptional service. We want to have great communication with our guests. We need to show guests that we appreciate their business and support. We also have a need for speed, we owe it to our guests to be a QUICK service restaurant.

Native is accessible. We never want to come across as pretentious, but rather humble. We can’t always please 100% of our guests, but we want everybody to have an option to choose from and to feel comfortable with us. Our food and drinks are intended to be simple, using the best ingredients possible and preparing them with care.

Native is transparent and focused getting better each day. Our mantra is continuous improvement, making mistakes and learning from them. Feedback is appreciated, whether it be enthusiastic or constructive. The details matter! A good operation can turn quickly and we remain focused and determined to get better.

Native looks ahead to the long term. We will not sacrifice service or quality for short-term goals. We are building a foundation for something bigger.

I hope you will visit us soon! Keep checking our blog for updates. You'll want to catch next week's. It will be delicious!

Alexis Paquette

Hi! My name is Alexis. I’m a web designer and photographer for creative professionals. While I’m based in New England, I travel and I accept work from all over the world from both small and international brands!